Monday, January 14, 2008


I’m sure if you’re a Wire addict like me and my friends you’ve been racking your brains trying to figure out who the story fabricating journalist Scott Templeton character is based on. We guessed it could have been Jayson Blair from the New York Times, Jack Kelley from USA Today, Stephen Glass at The New Republic, or even Janet Cooke from The Washington Post. Well thanx to the good folks over at PostBourgie we now know it was based on Sun reporter Jim Haner. Think some people just lost some money.

When the Wires on don’t call me for NOTHING. Get hooked!

~I'm carrying water~

P.S. One of the greatest moments for me (God there are so so many) from last nights episode and I think from the past five seasons so far was the amazing dialogue from Senator Clay Davis to Commissioner Ervin H. Burrell.

“I’m out there doing the lords work for you Erv! You know it. Who got that pay raise from the council?! Just enough for you to get that new patio, but not enough for that guy from Pittsburgh to take your place.”

“God damn it Erv! I’ve been there for you, carried water for you, and you do me like this.”

“You think I’m going down, don’t cha? Yoouuuuu uuuuu tthiiii ttthhhiiinkkk I’m done? All ya ungrateful bitches thinking you can throw me out the boat”


“I’m going to remember this moment Erv.”

Fist to the chest “I’m going to hold on to this moment. Yea.”

The stutter and fist to the heart tap alone deserves an honorable mention. It was genius.

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Anonymous said...

Oh its clear that he's a composite. The fake cell phone stuff is more Glass and Blair, who used all that high tech stuff.

Philip Shropshire