Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Last night I attended the Fader Magazine Wire party and got to meet some of my favorite members of the cast - Slim Charles a.k.a Gangus, Marlo 'Black' Stanfield a.k.a Jamie Hector, and last but could never be least - Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' "carrying water" Davis a.k.a Isiah Whitlock Jr.. The event was great – almost all Maryland/VA people, but you know Brooklyn was in the house deep. My home girl was so geeked about a performance from a band I had never heard of - The backyard Band with Slim Charles a.k.a Gangus. She told me it was going to be one of the greatest shows I’d ever witness - she did not lie.

Here's a clip of The Backyard Band at another show

This is me Go Go Groovin’ to the sounds of The Backyard band
Notice the indifference to anything going on around me
The closed eyes for the full sound around the body effect
The biting of the bottom lip to emphasize the feeling of the groove.

I came home to an e-mail from another good friend with an MP3 attached and a short note that read - "You need this in your life"

After hearing it - I realize you need it in yours too – enjoy

N.E.R.D. - Everyone Nose

~living a go go life~


Lola Gets said...

Im a Native Washingtonian, hehe. I like the Backyard Band, but Im really feeling Mambo Sauce right now, mostly because of that song, "Welcome to DC." One day Imma even blog about them, so come on by!


brran1 said...

I'm from Baltimore and I didn't get into GoGo until I got into college. But now I love it more than Baltimore Club Music. Here are some GoGo tracks for you (idk if you already have them or not)

Mambo Sauce-Welcome to DC
CCB-My Fatty
Classy Girl
Fight Anthem
UCB-Sexy Lady
Sexy Lady (Remix)
Nasty Ho
BYB- Fakin' Like
Wale-The Official Ice Cream Song
Dig Dug (Shake It Shake It)