Sunday, January 13, 2008


I think all my day one Wire watchers and I’ll even through in my DVD folk that caught up over the summer can relate to this post and the Video foreplay for this week. This is for all those people that bother us in the middle of a great scene of dialogue to ask questions about the show and the amazing character’s Tet a Tet they’re making us miss with their dumb late to the party questions.

Who’s that guy? Why’d he do that? Why is she sleeping with him? Did she sleep with him too? Who killed him? What did that line mean? Why is everyone laughing? Why does he keep saying shiiit? Was he important? Why they drove off, and then drive back? Why does it matters that they had to sign in the last time?

Like my man Chris said “You don’t ever want to be the last to the party”. So below is the first 4 seasons of the Wire in 4 minutes for all you late to the party summabitches. Now you have no reason to bother me while I’m watching my stories. Shiiiiitt. Get hooked.

P.S. I realize I didn’t do a bulletin for last weeks special first edition of Video Foreplay Sundays: The Wire edition, so some of you may have missed out on the special favorites sampling I did. So for those of you who need that fix. Check it out here.

~doin my junkie lean~


I originally wasn’t going to add an audio sampling for today. However, a friend just sent me this Nina Simone video and where else but audio foreplay would I share musical greatness with you my peoples? It also doesn’t hurt that it sounds like the perfect song to use as a backdrop to so many moments in the Wire.

Nina Simone “Feeling Good”

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