Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bob Johnson + Microphone = Danger

In the post below this one I reposted a New York Times Op-ed piece, I received last night written by Gloria Steinem, which discussed her views on what would be a bigger hurdle in this election - race or sex. Below is the latest Vlog from Jay Smooth of discussing Bob Johnson’s latest dumb ass statements in reference to Obama and his admitted drug use. Which, in my opinion, I believe well illustrates how self-hating internal race lampooning will be one of the biggest hindrances of this election. Please see Magic Johnson, John Lewis, Robert Johnson, Andrew Young, and Charles Rangel for more examples.

~wishing on a star for a piano to fall on...~


Rx said...

Oy. Why Hil, why? That man makes my skin crawl.

I AM GVG said...

and she doesn't? COME ON COMPLEX!!! I expected better from you. Johnson and RodHAM Clinton play by the same rules and get an equal kick out of it. Both them suckas are evil.

G.D. said...

Evil, fam?

I AM GVG said...

Ok! fine G.D., I will take back evil, LOL. Rx and I have had a long history, both on and offline, of pushing each other’s buttons with extreme statements. Not to say that I didn’t write it with a small belief of its truth, just that it’s a stronger adjective than necessary to describe the ramifications of Johnson and Clintons recent “suggestions” about Obama to the American people.

I recently made a decision to not go as hard at certain aspects of Obama that I take issue with on this blog as I once did. Based on statements like the one from Johnson in the video and numerous others I’d heard and read in the past few months. Statements that have me a bit uncomfortable, damn near disgusted, to be in anyway thought of as associated with the ilk of people who would make such ignorant, baseless, racism-like rants. I realized people for the most part couldn’t make the distinction between genuine analyst of a candidate and hatred for a man simply based on his race and/or religion, so I will choose my fights and fight to win.

From now on, I’m staying on message for 08. If you ask me about the election my answer, for the most part, will almost always be the same - I, actually, doubt he will win, but it won't be my vote that cast him down (Stole that from a friends). Don’t get me wrong as I said on your blog I’m not trying to sit here with an Obama pin and my mouth shut waiting for Election Day. I’m just making a conscious decision to keep all Obama related topics to pertinent election news and coverage- policy, campaign strategy, and position analyst – we’ll have to see how long that really last.

Rx said...

I'll start off by saying Hilary is not the horse I'm backing but I don't think she's evil. Flawed and (somewhat frighteningly) ambitious, absolutely. But I also think negative perception of her is amplified by the fact that she has XX chromosomes. But that's another argument for another day.

My comment was meant to say that I certainly thought she was smart enough to distance herself from the likes of that guy. I mean, who (other than perhaps Mike Huckabee) doesn't know that any educated Black person would be offended by his comments?