Monday, January 7, 2008


Any of you who knows me or have been reading this blog for a while know I’ve been fighting a one man war against gentrification and losing for the past few years. With a doorman at my front door and a tennis court in my backyard we’re the first stop on transplants and realtors neighborhood wish list. It seems as if everyday I see someone “New” with keys to my building. Then having to deal with the stress that comes with knowing for each of them that comes one of us goes and that my time may be sooner than later to be one of the departed.

Gentrification is just one of those inescapable beasts when it comes to the NYC housing market (but hey, it got me sushi delivered to my front door! Just fucked when you know the reasons you can get the sushi delivered and the realization that it’s not for you) that said, few developments cause enough stir to inspire twenty authors (including some favorites of mine) to contribute to an anthology in defense of their neighborhood. Brooklyn Was Mine is a collection of essays, stories, and poems from notable authors like Jonathan Lethem, Dinaw Mengetsu and Robert Sullivan (plus a whole bunch more) was released Wednesday to directly benefit Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn—a community organization committed to fighting Forest City Ratner’s extensive Atlantic Yards development. The collection is only like fifteen bucks, and there are two readings in the coming weeks to support the organization. There's more info on the book, the organization and the readings here.

~fighting the war til the end~

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