Wednesday, January 23, 2008


In a Wall Street journal article from yesterday, the paper discusses the “Class Split” Amongst Black voters in this election and how it may effect Barack Obama.

“A poll this fall by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a black think tank, shows the wide disparity of support for Mr. Obama among blacks. While 75% of blacks who went to college had a favorable or very favorable view of the candidate — rising to 88% among blacks who went to graduate or professional school — support dipped to 62% among those with just a high-school degree and to 42% among blacks who haven’t finished high school. A similar pattern shows up as income levels fall among blacks. And while 83% of blacks employed full time had a favorable view of Mr. Obama, just 55% of unemployed blacks did.” Please continue to full article here

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Rx said...

Actually, I couldn't make it all the way through this article. My Irish went up as soon as I read in the second paragraph that in some states convicted felons are banned from voting for LIFE. How is that even constitutional?

All right, back to reading...

I AM GVG said...

Add to that the statistics that show the disproportionate amount of Blacks and Latinos incarcerated on felony charges in comparison to their white counterparts and you will begin understand how it’s systematic genocide that affects many of “our constitutional rights” and possibly the reason our voting turnouts are so small in those states. If we take away their right to vote, we take away their voice – GOAL! It’s truly a missed up state of affairs that no one seems be discussing or attempting to resolve.

Rx said...

A little bit of research reveals that the states that have these felon disenfranchisement laws on the books include both the usual suspects (y'know the ones down south who passed literacy and property ownership laws after Blacks first got the vote) and some unusual ones. Only Maine and Vermont seem to have their democracy in the right place.

All sorts of nonviolent, petty, stupid things qualify as felonies. If I intentionally broke your $250 digital camera or whatever, that's a felony. If I stole a stop sign as an adolescent prank, that can also be tried as a felony. It really doesn't take much.

Anyway, here's an older but still relevant article from the NY Times about how this issue played into the 2004 election.

Rx said...

Oops, forgot the link:

I AM GVG said...

LOL and that my dear is why shall always be Roxy Complexxx. Thanx for the link. LOL