Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Last night Senator Hillary RodHAM Clinton won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire. I guess we really are as stupid and gullible as these politicians believe us to be. CRYING GETS YOU A WIN??!!! FOR REAL???!!! THAT SHIT WORKED??!! What’s next? Pouting about polling that says voters don’t like her as much as they do Obama? Oh wait; she already did that at the NH debate.

Senator John McCain meanwhile staged his own comeback on the Republican side, triumphing with 37 percent in the crucial early vote despite having been widely written off months ago as his campaign flagged. The win comes just six months after people were writing off Senator McCain's bid for the presidency. His campaign was broke and people were laid off. Then he poured all his energy, and resources into New Hampshire.

~no words~


Anonymous said...

And I suppose Sen. Obama's voice-waggling wannabe-Martin speech in Iowa wasn't manipulative. They're modern politicians, they do what they have to to con all these slow Americans who think voting personality instead of experience and expertise is the way to go. If only Gore had learned his lesson sooner, there would have been no chad-counting 8 years ago.


I AM GVG said...

I see you didn't check out the discussion that occurred in the comment section of my "THE OBAMA SPEECH FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP?" post. One of the things I said in reference to Obama's speech in Iowa was

"You brought up the cadence in his speech and the way in which he delivers his words with the spirit of a preacher. I actually thought the same as I watched the speech in Iowa and a bit of it in the rally in Washington Square park here in NYC. It speaks to one of my bigger issues with his campaign strategy. I believe it’s purposefully said like that to illicit those comparisons and feelings and with that belief I believe it’s condescending and disrespectful to me and all the other people listening to play on those emotions and connections to those civil rights leaders and the power that their words provoked.”

“Just like it pissed me off when the Bush, as I shall from now on refer to him as, announced his candidacy from the ranch that he had purchased a few months prior and had never even stepped foot onto until he knew the press was watching to give a man of the people effect. To reach the good ol' boy republicans."

I believe they are all playing the game and in one way or another manipulating all of us to believe they are something they are not. That’s my issue with most of the candidates and I'm just looking for someone who I can actually believe in to lead this country.

Anonymous said...

No, sir. I didn't see that.

But we are, indeed, on the same page. I do enjoy a good theatrical performance but I don't think the race for the president should be one. It's how we ended up a creek without habeas corpus in the first place.


Anonymous said...

By the way, I went back and read the whole response. Just wanted to say thanks for not pouncing. - Roxanne

I AM GVG said...

Roxanne I didn't realize it was you that had left that original comment. Funny that I quoted my response to you to you. LOL. You made some good points in both your comments. Glad to have you on board. Always enjoy a good sparring partner.

I had this article sent to me yesterday and still on the fence on whether or not i'll do anything with it. I do believe you'd enjoy the read.