Friday, January 4, 2008

The realest thing said so far about Obama's win in Iowa last night

Another great video post from Jay Smooth @

Agree or Disagree?

Give me your whose/why/ and what fors here

You have to speak (write) to be heard (read). You get what I mean.

~asking some questions no one wants to answer~


Mackenten said...

Ubiquity is so 2007, change is "what's up". The current group has had eight years to destroy and dismember everything we stand for. I do agree with him on one point, we do lie to ourselves, but I also feel change is due. If not now, then when? If not us, then who? We have division even in the black community about voting for him or Hilary...too light, too inexperienced, 2blahblahblah. I, actually, doubt he will win, but it won't be my vote that cast him down.


DJ M.O.S. said...

I semi agree, the only difference is that Obama represents a movement similar to Bobby Kennedy in the 60's. It's more than him just being the "black" candidate. He represents youth, real change, which people are beginning to get. The other thing about Barack that makes him different is that he is a powerful speaker. As long as he has a crowd in front of him he will deliver. Who in the race democrat of republican can really speak after him. On top of that he's raised 100 million. All those factors including a following unseen in recent history plus 100 million, I don't know it's looking really good for him. Plus his lack of a record gives the republicans very little to attack him on. The planets may be in alinement this year.