Wednesday, January 2, 2008

La Chaim and all that Good stuff: The New Years Eve - New Years Day recap

Living through one of the best 48 hours of my life and the way I’m feeling right now as I play Jay Z’s “Roc boys” it seems like it’s going for the 72 hour mark. IT'S A FUCKING CELEBRATION BITCHES! LE CHAIM!!!

I was having a conversation with a friend a few days prior to NYE and discussing our tentative plans for the big 07 send off and she said the most amazing thing to me.

“NYE is cool, for me it's more spiritual and I learned long ago that you can't put a lot on it or it'll be notoriously wack.”

I lived by those words this year and allowed whatever was meant to happen to happen and up until 5:30pm on the day of new years eve I had NO idea what my Who/What/When/Where’s were going to be for the night. A call from my homegirl D a min later and the games were on! I’m not going into a bunch of details, but I’ll give you some highlights.

• Limited edition Haitian rum

• Greatest soul food ever

• I saw stars then took them home for myself

• Pinky rings and cashmere

• The stroke of midnight with 30 gorgeous, perky, tipsy, and friendly black women and I’m one of only 4 guys in the house. That was the moment the tear came down my cheek and I was asked if I was ok. Looking into the sky and the only response I could get out was “This is the greatest night of my life!!!”

• A booty poppin tutorial with above mention 30 women against an all mirrored wall. (DUDE! I CAN’T MAKE SHIT LIKE THAT UP!!!)

• Walking in the streets looking for a cab with 20 of the women from the booty poppin tuturial masters class to hit the next BK house party hot spot with a huge cup of the best drink I’ve ever mixed and not getting a ticket

• Finding the next house party by following the sound of the DJ screaming on the mic “IS BROOKLYN IN THE HOUSE???!!!!”

• Wall sweating house party

• Soca. Roc Boys. The Good Life. The music that makes you raise your hands in the air, close your eyes, scream out the lyrics, and appreciate every blessing you have in this world and having a great soundtrack to live it to

• Watching your friend do her Baltimore Go Go dancing like she still 20 and her knees making it VERY clear to her that she's a grown ass woman. COMEDY!!! D. You too old for that shit. I love you for trying though.

• A basement filled wall to wall with empty bottles of Patron, Grey Goose, champagne, and much much much more liquor

• Patron shots at 4:30am

• Sitting on the steps with your friends (A.K.A. the cafeteria at the cool kids table. You had to be there) drinking Veuve Clicquot straight from the bottle because it’s 5am and we just don’t give a fuck about decorum

• Texting all your friends "I'M SSSSSOOOOOOO DRUNK RIGHT NOW!!!! HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!!!!" at about 5:30 in the morning when you’re not really that drunk but realizing "I'M KIND OF NICE RIGHT NOW. HAPPY NEW YEAR." just doesn’t have the same je ne sais que to it

• Being that nice at 5:30 in the morning in the middle of a slamming party and texting all your friends and family because you wish they were there enjoying it with you (I guess this one wasn’t really a highlight. I sensitive. I LOVE YA SUCKAS!)

• Eating the greatest soul food left overs at 7am while doing the sleepy/tipsy headnod with each bite

• New Years day drinking lychee rum punch at a brunch/lunch (being too lazy to wake up early enough for eggs)while we have the most amazing south african food with the comedy that can only come from sitting at a table tipsy at 4pm with your friends

• Bottles of Ethiopian honey wine made special just for you and your friends to continue the party

• Continuing the drinking all day and night until 2am the next day

• No hangovers

• Going to work the next day and being brilliant, vibrant, and on point

Yep, that basically sums it up. WHAT YOUR NEW YEARS LOOK LIKE?!?!!!

P.S. I get to say Le Chaim and not look crazy in the street. Yiddish is part of my NY vocab, I didn't know Oy Vey wasn't a common English expression until I was in fourth grade and transferred to an all black prep school. (LONG STORY. LOL)


~ridin this shit out to the end~




Don Brugalito said...


Hilarious!! I got your text in the middle of the morning...

(Sidenote: I had a wonderfully quiet NYE with the wife and kids on the couch here in TX...watching the ball drop twice, then heading to sleep!!)

...looked at my phone, laughed and said "Good for you Gardy!!" Then went back to sleep! I figured we'd talk about how awesome it was and/or I'd be reading about it in your blog!

Happy New Year my BFAM!!

CMG and the Gibbs Girls

swashboogay said...

"Sitting on the steps with your friends (A.K.A. the cafeteria at the cool kids table. You had to be there) drinking Veuve Clicquot straight from the bottle because it’s 5am and we just don’t give a fuck about decorum"

Im saying, i had a CUP - its my house nigra!!!!!

I AM GVG said...

For those who didn't receive it, the text CMG is speaking of was sent at 5am, while I was sitting on those same steps mention in the post, drinking that champagne, laughing at all the comedy taking place around me, and I thought when else but know to reach out to my people and share. Text below:


I AM GVG said...



Bottle passed back

The comedy that is our lives.

Gym Nazi said...

You my friend have a problem. Stand up and say "my name is Gardy, and I'm an alcoholic." LMBAO!!!! As if I should talk. I'll be standing alongside you with a flask of JW Black. I remember that text in my drunken state. Surprisingly I woke up the next day to a plate of paella, and was perfectly fine. Yes my body is immune to alcohol, LOL....