Saturday, August 11, 2007


As you know I was inspired yesterday by the sounds of all this great music I was playing to write and write and write some more. You get to see the reviews, but there were some other things written that you might see very very soon. Below is the second installment in the new music review series with Zap Mama and their new release “Supermoon”. These are all reviews for music that speak to the hidden parts of my soul, so you know you are in store for some good vibes and even better sounds. Enjoy.

Today was a great day for new music some from the known and some others from the unknown. After I played the UGK album, I thought let’s keep this new music high going with Zap Mama's new release "Supermoon". Yes, I am the weirdo who plays a “gangsta rap” album then moves onto some funky out this world "world music” next. The album opens with an up-tempo jam “1000 ways” and goes into each and every one of the ways they’re great until the last word of “Princess Kesia”. This is just what I've come to expect, in the best sense of word, of this brilliant group lead by Marie Daulne. It’s a funky, soulful, and well layered offering to give you all the things you need when you don’t understand most of the words they’re saying. I think Time Magazine said it well "Marie Daulne and Zap Mama make music that sounds like a one woman multicultural movement, melding African percussion, American soul and European urbanity." This Sunday I will be seeing them at Summer Stage ripping the roof off of a place with no ceiling other than the ones you create for yourself as a performer.

Zap Mama “1000 Ways”

Zap Mama “Supermoon” Video


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