Friday, August 31, 2007


Above Photographed from L – R Todd Triplett, Shaun Jenkins and Philip McKenzie standing in the construction that would soon had been The Amber Art and Music Space

I am proud to say I have some of the greatest friends in the world. They are the most intelligent, driven, creative friends a person can have and I’m the most loyal and protective person you will ever know when it comes to my friends and family. So when someone messes with my friends I will stop at nothing to make those people hurt as well. I was devastated when informed that three of those good friends I spoke of Shaun Jenkins, Todd Triplett, and Philip McKenzie who were in the final stages of building their Amber Art and Music space in Brooklyn NY, a home for all the creative people of Brooklyn, NYC, and everywhere beyond that were willing to take the trip to the venue to showcase their talent and us patrons to enjoy the art they produced for our consumption. It was as if someone had hit me in the gut with a bat as Shaun allowed the words – eminent domain, The city, millions lost, time wasted, Landlord no were to be found as he informed me of the news that their space was being ripped away from them by NYC and Bam with no notice. If it hit me that hard do I really have to tell you how it affected these three great men who were actually the ones on the receiving end of this messed up cities World Series class swinging arm. Below is the link to the article in The Brooklyn Paper newspaper detailing the incident in full, please reach out to your city council members and any other city officials you believe can be of assistance in this matter to not allow such an injustice to occur to such good men.

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