Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The pictures below don’t begin to paint the picture of what the 2nd Annual Evening under the Stars was. This was an event that Timothy Grae and myself came up with last year, the first one was a huge success for an event whose underlined theme was “Don’t get our black asses locked up” and under those restraints we still managed to bring to fruition an evening picnic in Central Park on the upper east side attended by approximately 150 mostly people of color all by word of mouth. With no problems other than a patrol car parked at the bottom of the hill where we were at for the majority of the event which I actually knew nothing of until the end. Once we realized “Hey, they didn’t lock us up. Oh, it’s on for next year”, It was with that statement that the plans begun for what would be the second installment and for my own reasons I had backed out of the production of the second year and left it in the masterful hands of Timothy Grae and Grae Enterprises to bring to fruition this time around. I was pleasantly shocked to come up over the hill (The effect we first wanted when we found Cherry Hill last year on a early evening location stroll) and to be taken aback by almost double the amount of attendees as last year and a set up that would rival any high end outdoor function I’ve produced or attended in presentation and organization. The beauty of Evening under the stars can only truly be understood by those who were there, but believe me when I say you don’t want to miss next year.

Evening Under the Stars Pictures

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