Monday, July 16, 2007


You know it always cracks me up when I hear certain women continuously complaining about how they can’t find men who appreciate and love them, how they keep meeting assholes who mistreat them and undervalue their worth, how it’s not about money, position, and looks it’s about his soul. Yet every time I see a guy with a great soul trying to show these same women how much they care for them and want to shower them with all that affection, love, and devotion that they are constantly talking about wanting, those guys always get rejected for Bobby the body builder with 7 kids by 8 baby mommas or Rich the Banker with the house in the Hamptons and a Range Rover. WHATEVER! Some people just amuse me and maybe they are meant to be alone and in a perpetual state of pain and disappointment. But what the fuck do I know, I’m just a genius.

~we’re the warriors they write epics about~