Monday, July 16, 2007

IT WAS A CELEBRATION... you know the rest

Lychee Mojitoes, Mango, Banana, and Peach HOMEMADE margaritas make for a very very HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY JUICED HEATWAVE BBQ in the park. Thanx to NBeansie, Jim, and Ally for making me take it to the next level and Yvette for those margaritas, sent her the message telepathically about the Happy Happy Joy Joy Juice and she came for that blue ribbon. Did I mention how much I love a beautiful woman who can make a drink?

First and Foremost THANK YOU to MIH (Keenan, Shane, and Jonevan) for creating such an amazing yearly gathering that continues to amaze and inspire us all, this event shows us what black love is and should be, also planning, organization, and execution. Keenan I apologize for ever doubting you, my man had FANS! No seriously, he had FANS (The ones that blow, wait… I meant, well you know what I meant. LOL). Did I mention they fed, provided libations, Free massages (Courtesy of Healing Hands), and music for all 800+ of us that attended out of their own pockets?!?!?!

Ok the list could go on and on and trust me oooonnnn, but a “quick” rundown of some of those who graced the VIP section we had going at the blanket mansion. Ben and his beautiful Fiancée Shavonda carrying my lovely baby girl/goddaughter (I claim them EARLY) in that belly of hers (HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY 4 ME), Dave (my Brooklyn co-pilot), Mark A.K.A “CLOCK IN AND GO TO WORK!”, Madame Boone, Yvette (Sexiest Mixologist this side of Timbuktu), Natasha (Fun time girl, LOL), DJ M.O.S., Shaun and Yaz with his gorgeous daughter in tow, Todd, Sallome , Diallo (Keeper of the brain that could one day bring us to the light), Kirk, Naima A.K.A NBeansie, Jim and Ally (in spirit) “when inspired create”, Grae Enterprises (Timothy Grae, Jason, Niyah, Terrence, Sharon, and Tracy with the massage tent soothing away all those summertime blues. I saw what you guys were doing and I LIKED IT!), Apryl, Kufere, Vegas, Kwame, Manushka, Isis, Courtney, Chad (a truly good soul), Madame Cynthia St. Juste, Kwesi, Andrea and her girls, Esther, Estah and her friend (Head nod) “Sup” ;), Antoine with his bottles of champagne and new “lady friends” LOL, Demetria, Nicole, Patrice (Said in my strongest Haitian accent), Erik, Saul, Cary, Passion, Claudine, Regina, The sister circle, Sir Kevin Powell, Tony Martinez, Stacey, Dwayne (Boy Scouts 4 LIFE!), “Ji”, Markel, Kirk (a true gentlemen’s’ gentleman), Xiomara, Lorna, Jayson, Everett, Kissa “The Biker Chick”, and every other beautiful blessed warm soul that graced the grass in prospect park and later at The Outpost (My Sunday home away from home) both in body and spirit.


"Black never looked so good."


~we’re the warriors they write epics about~

Too tired to write a detailed recap of the beauty that was Heatwave, so i'm just posting Antoines. COMEDY!

Woke up Sunday w / Michael Buffer / Redman playing in my head. LET"S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! I had to grab some food and drink some water cause I knew what was ahead from last year. Swung out to Queens and picked up Yvette aka "Senorita Margarita". I mean, Mango, Banana, and Peach Margaritas? In separate gallons? ONEST AGAIN, I kinda feel guilty and obligated to share my beautiful friends with the world cause they truly are the best.......(Big shout to Lisa P. for coming back from the Hamptons early for the bbq!) Did I tell you that all these women are fine already? Brothas, if you don't have em in your circle, please get your own cause you can't have mine! Remember the formula that is undeniable, keep pretty women around you and more will come!

We get to the park where David "Muscles" B. helps us unload and get into the park. Now, at this point it is 3pm. The sun is baking us all to a new crisp. We grab a spot on the lawn, sit down, and this one dude is just sitting on the lawn by himself as asks "Who is throwing this? What group?" I replied "" ... he says "Man, I just followed the fine women walking into the park and they lead me here. I live across the way, I think I am going to go home and change and come back". I said "The More the merrier bredren,". Introducing Kirk "Unda my umbrella ella ella ay ay!!!. My bwoy went home threw on some shorts and kicks, and came back with the VIP section complete with umbrella and folding chairs.

Let the drinking begin!!! We walked a few laps, said wzup to the peoples, some people got on the line and grabbed some rice and peas, macaroni, bbq chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs etc. (Big Shout to Keenan "I got the sauce" Davis for holding down the grill) - Next year delegate that shit man!! We need you on the lawn!

A few mins later Dave B is like my boy Gardy is on the way.... Reinforcements!!! So - quick "mobile bar" alcohol inventory - We got a large case of Red Stripe (36), Heineken, Bacardi, Mount Gay, Margaritas (3 gallons), wine coolers, Coke, Water, Juice etc. More than the cooler could hold. Gardy, like superman comes off the bench with the MOJITO in the big momma tupperware carafe, complete with mint floating in dat!! It was straight banging hence the name "Happy Happy Joy Joy juice" Between the margaritas and the mojitos we had drinks that crept up on you slowly.... (like molasses. I will explain my blackout later.) Red, blue, clear solo cups everywhere. We helped some struggling shorties put together their tent, walked around danced to some beats, hip hop, reggae etc. At this point the VIP area is locked off, we are about 5-7 sheets / blankets deep. Old college heads from Boston and NY greet each other, hugs and pounds. A lot of old heads from around the way roll up. (Big Shout to April, Ama and Gordon, my original�Westbury fam!) Then out of nowhere - Judy's man dropped the crazy Ginger beer mix!! If you did not taste it, all i will say is we need that at the next picnic for real (and a Domino table)!!!

At about 5:45pm, we are looking around like we are almost out of drinks! Aint gonna front, I let some cute stragglers drink for free. I felt like for the view I was getting on them tight white pants, it was worth pouring something out!! (Big Shout out to Tania and Janice and my fellow BC Alumni! Big shout to KD and Alex and all the BU alumni that were in the building!!) THEN like a true soldier.....Kirk to the rescue! A mission was made and the team went to Kirk's crib and brought back all kind a ting (Champagne, Wine, Hypnotic etc etc) Hoorah Kirk!! RATID! SO now, I am walking around the park triple fisted with a champagne bottle and relying strictly on adrenaline.....I was so twisted that I had my camera in my pocket and could not even bring it out to take pics!! I wish i had gotten more flicks......Chuppssss....

Now, what goes up must come down.....Yvette starts peddling potato bread and potato salad to soak up the alcohol!!!! The KFC gets devoured as we crowd around the chicken like vultures (or addicts coming down off the high). The sun starts to come down and we look to pack up anticipating the darkness. Mother nature had other plans as it starts to rain a bit and we run like roaches with the lights on to the cars!!!! I know that heads headed over to Habana Outpost on Fulton and kept he party going. I had to head back to Philly, so the rain was my exit.

My Blackout - I managed to navigate my intoxicated self through BKLYN on memory alone to Bay Pkwy straight to the Verrazano and back to Philly in one piece. The funny thing is I woke up at 5am wide awake, like - how did i get here? Where is my cooler and blanket? Where are my clothes? - Yes, I hit the spot, stripped and fell out !!! That is from the Happy Happy Joy Joy Juice and the Margaritas that crept up on me.... I am on my 3rd large cup of coffee and 2nd Aquafina today!

Lastly, I can't stress enough how fine the women at the park were. CHEEZ ON!!! Like my boys used to say "Every year a new one turns 18!!!" I am in awe of you black women. You fill me with pride, joy, and an inner peace. To see you out in numbers, SWEET CHOCOLATE in all shades and sizes, you made my teeth hurt. I have a new cavity I am sure! It is all a man could ask for. Applause! (booty clapping in the summer dress!!)�Seriously tho, I am so humbled and proud to have you all as friends. I feel like I am a part of something special. This side of the black experience is not showcased enough.�No cops, no fights, no drama. The biggest panic, was when we almost ran out of drinks!!! Just wine, women, and song, the way it should be!

Sorry, ladies I can't describe the men in the park cause my vision was a little impaired!!! To quote Kirk, David, Markell, Jerome, Gardy, Gordon and the fam "What men?"!!!
Until next time.... I love my life!......See you in Miami - July 26-29! (�


Special Thanx to the Brooklyn Circus for the photo


David said...

You already know my thoughts. That shyt was OFF THE HOOK!!!! Damn black women are so beautiful. And how many drinks did we all have??? Who the hell knows. Good times mah dude, good times....

steve said...

"Did I tell you that all these women are fine already? Brothas, if you don't have em in your circle, please get your own cause you can't have mine! Remember the formula that is undeniable, keep pretty women around you and more will come!"

And you wanted me to come to that with my wife and kid and expected me to behave myself and enjoy it.

You're a good friend for keeping me in mind though.

I AM GVG said...

STEVE! I LOVE YOU MAN. Stop BSing you know those things don't effect you.

~we're the warriors they write epics about~

Anonymous said...

Next time, please leave god's beautiful park that welcomed your lovely event in the same condition as you found it when you arrived. Peace unto you, and clean up your trash.