Wednesday, September 12, 2007


When the Fashion and music worlds collide; you see ALL the same people EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY and EVERY NIGHT for a week straight. I feel like I’m back in High School, as a matter of fact that’s what I’m calling it from now on - Fashion Music High, where we’re all just working to get that paper. We went to seven parties last night (eight if you count the interlude, more about that below) all in the same order, we ALL spent about the same amount of time at each, and we ALL arrived at the next spots together. THIS HAPPENED EVERY DAY AND NIGHT FOR A WEEK!!! FUCK IT! THIS IS MY WORLD AND I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! IT'S THE GOOD LIFE!!!

My friends and I did have a small non fashion or music ALL SOCA interlude at my boy Jason's birthday party at Level V. Now that I think about it that was actually the most fun part of our night. Then we went right back to our regularly scheduled programming of free top shelf liquor, the fashion and music folk, Kanye West music, Kanye West (LOL), Kim Kardashian ass gawking, I finally get it, ALL the people of color, both men and women, in ALL those rooms took a moment of silence to admire the monster that was the ass.“Welcome to the good life where we like the girls who ain’t on TV cuss they got more ass than the models”, wannabes (I wannabe a model/A&R/actress/actor/producer/PR rep/designer/puffy's baby momma, etc., and more free stuff (I want that vibrating ring condom, knew I should have took that gift bag!!!).

I woke up this morning, LATE, while getting ready to go to my last shows for the week, which btw I just said fuck it and skipped out on the 11am show I had and just plan on hitting the afternoon and evening shows I have, anyway I looked in my pocket to find a CD with a pretty painted grenade on the cover, bullet casings, and three pockets full of business cards from mostly a bunch of people and/or companies I have NEVER heard of. Feel like I’m in a pilot episode of a new CSI. What did you people get me into last night??!?!!!

~we’re the warriors they write epics about~

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