Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Nope. Now all the phone calls and e-mails from clients wanting to know what to expect next season begins. Which for me I have to admit is the best part of it all. I love looking at shows and putting them into clients closets in my head - “Oh Mr. Smith would be great in that” “That will really work for the groomsmen in that wedding in Costa Rica” “Mr. Johnson just asked me where he’d be able to find those” Now it’s a matter of really looking through the photos and placing designers to clients and discovering designers you might not have heard about or appreciated prior. This wasn’t a season that blew me away, nor was it one that completely lost me. No one really surprised me on the men’s end, but some of the women’s lines did surprise me on how bad they were (Note to all: Celebrity, infamy, and/or marriage can only get you but so far). There were a lot of men’s shows this spring 08 season and I had planned on doing full recaps of all of them, but then my blackberry broke on me. It was an honorable suicide on its part, so I wouldn't have any guilt about getting rid of it for the newly minted Crackberry Curve arriving at T-Mobile this week. I, however, had not backed up my Crackberry in a while and lost all the notes I had done up until that point on the shows. Which I think was some of the funniest shit I have ever written; I’m a mean bastard sometimes. So below is a list of all the men’s shows worth mentioning. Click on the designer to view their offering this spring 08 season and you be the judge of what this men’s season had to offer.

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