Sunday, September 9, 2007


The video below has nothing at all to do with fashion week or in any way relates to the massive amounts of free top shelf liquor I’ve been consuming all in the name of fashion and work, but it’s damn cool, so FUCK IT!!! I skipped out early to check out the Fort Greene Festival in Brooklyn NY. By the time I got there everyone else had performed but I was just in time to see the headliner Talib Kweli shut it done and it was the perfect way to spend the rest of my Saturday. My phone broke last night and I almost broke with it. It did however help that at the time it happened my blood to liquor ratio was somewhere at about 60/40. I’ll let you be the judge as to which was the dominant substance in my bloodstream, LOL. I went to a show yesterday by a hipster downtown white designer (whom I will not name), with all white models and a completely white audience and had to watch as he used Soldier boy as the background music to his runway show, or as my friend Dave, who I might add is just as old as me, corrected and said I quote “Soulja Boy!!! Spell it right!” now you know your ass is too old to know shit like that Dave. That’s when I knew it was time to get my black ass back to Brooklyn. I have to get back to work. As always enjoy the moments.

Fuck it I just figured out what I’m going to play for today. Since everyone got a kick out of the visual and I had to laugh at it once I looked back at the comedy of that crowd rocking hard to some of that ATL…. What do you call that music? Is it crunk music? Did that make me sound like a region hater? Hope Lil Wayne doesn’t try to pimp slap me with his locks.

Soulja Boy - How to Crank That

Soulja Boy - How to Crank That - INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO. REALLY?!?!?!!!!!!!!

While I was looking for the video I came across this. NOW THIS IS SOME CUTE SH&T. SHE IS STILL FINNNNEEEE AS HELL AND LOOKIN LIKE SHE 23!!!

This was originally what I planned to play. Enjoy them all.
Check out this video: Meshell Ndegeocello DNB LIVE in Atlanta 2002

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