Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Since I started this blog I have had my e-mail box flooded with e-mails full of things people think would get under my collar and drive me to unleash the wrath of the heavens through my finger tips on this blog O’ mine. Sometimes I think they do it just to watch my head explode all over the keyboard for their own personal amusement and other times I think it’s truly because they want someone to say the things in defense of them that sometimes they can’t even say for themselves.

Just like when I was a kid and my friends knew about my penchant for fucking with the men in blue, pigs if you lived in the hood, and officer friendly if you lived or went to school in a “Good neighborhood”, so they’d find any opportunity to bring my attention to the presence of a cop taking themselves a bit too seriously or harassing someone who was powerless to defend themselves. Not like I had much power myself, but I damn sure wasn’t going to back down and they knew it. One of these days I’ll tell you the story about how my liberal “fight the power” white English teacher set Officer Friendly up to get his head torn off by me in 7th grade for her own entertainment. (PEOPLE I REALLY REALLY TRIED NOT TO, BUT THEY KEPT PUSHING ME.)

Anyway as I was saying it seems as if my friends get off on the cosmic literary smack down they know is sure to follow these e-mails. Don’t get me wrong I like the fact that people feel that I can defend their cause. I like that they take an interest in the blog and helping me with subject matter. Just hope that if my ass gets locked up for an anti bush rant, they coming to bail my black ass out.

So as usual I opened my e-mail box to find a letter with the subject “Think you’d like this for your blog” and from the person who sent it I knew it wasn’t going to be pictures of children playing in the park or some black and white photo of a couple celebrating that black love I’m always writing about. I prepared myself to be pissed off. I opened the e-mail to find a link to a MySpace blog entry by Adrianne Curry (The Chick who married a Brady). The blog was an idiotic racist lined ignorance filled rant on all the reason “Ms. Curry” was choosing to boycott B.E.T (Not really against that part of the rant, But I digress) and also why she was boycotting Black History Month. Goal!!! My friend had accomplished his objective – piss me the F*ck off.

I started to write and had to walk away to take care of something. I tried to come back to it, but just wasn’t hitting the points I wanted in the tone I wanted. I had planned on rewriting it once again, when going through my daily voyeuristic fix of all my favorite blogs, I came across the Humanity Critics latest post with the title “An Open Letter to Adrianne Curry” and with those six words I knew my thoughts had been penned in just the way I wanted them. I read his post and with each word my points where echoed and for that I felt the job had been done and it was now up to me to pass on the word. Here is it is, our open letter to “Ms. Curry”. Please click here to read, and then pass it on.

~we're the warriors they write epics about~

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