Wednesday, September 12, 2007


A whole bunch of people flooded my e-mail box, text box, and voicemail with messages with serious questions and deep concerns about my revelations Wednesday morning of the contents of my pockets from my outing the night before, specifically the grenade and the bullet casings. So I felt compelled to share with you my faithful readers (All five of you) and also because I don’t want anyone reporting my black ass to homeland security. Please allow me to provide a bit more info about the origins of those said items and the night that brought them into my possession. We attended the “A Meditation of Weapons” art exhibit by Anton Skorubsky Kandinsky curated by Marc Ecko in his personal studio and the music for the evening was provided by the ever well dressed and ready to make you move your feet to the beat Mr. M.O.S.. Who also produced the soundtrack CD that was found in my pocket as well with the above photographed grenade on the cover. Below are some more of my favorite pieces from the show and a playlist of the songs on the “IPOD REVOLUTION” themed soundtrack DJ M.O.S. created for the event. No idea what the hell i meant by Ipod revolution, but it sounded good so fugg it.

A Meditation of Weapons soundtrack

Track List
2.Snap your fingers (DJ M.O.S. Mix) - Lil John feat. E-40
3.Let me in - paul mccaurtney
4.Black steel in the hour of chaos (m.o.s. Edit) - public enemy
5.War pigs - black sabbath
6.War songs - windscale
7.The people - common
8.Stop children what's that sound - jefferson airplane
9.Toxic - Mark Ronson Feat. Triggers and ol dirty bastard
10.Road to the riches - kool g rap and dj polo
11. Get it together - beastie boys feat q-tip
12. Time for the season - the zombies
13.Time for enore - dj sizzahands
14. Soilders cadance - full metal jacket
15. Rotten love - the briefs
16. What people do for money - ac/dc 17.bullet with butterfly wing - smashing pumkins
18.Killing in the name of (mr. Oizo remix) - rage against the machine
19.Overnight celebrity - twista
20.Start! - the jam
21.Verigo - u2
22.Fire - jimi hendrix
23. Machine gun - jimi hendrix
24. We'll meet again - vera lynn (the grand finale)


~we’re the warriors they write epics about~

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