Monday, November 12, 2007


I was always amazed at how all of Ronald Reagan’s “political indiscretions”, as some might call them, that affected so many of the minority and underprivileged classes directly and indirectly through numerous destructive and biased policies during his administration were mysteriously forgotten about and omitted from the records once he died. The list could go on for more space than I have on this blog, but just to hit some highlights - Iran contra, Reaganomics, the cuts of funds to programs that helped the underprivileged and the arts, and all his other ills. So he passed and he was a hero and everyone was there to salute him on his way out when he died on both sides of the political divide. What that says for both parties I’ll leave up to you decide. I just came across this back and forth that was taking place between two NY Times columnist Paul Krugman and David Brooks about who Reagan should be remembered as and I thought you’d all enjoy the read as well. Please make sure to read the final response by Paul Krugman if you read nothing else besides the excerpts. It’s all worth your time, but I especially love a well delivered check mate. Read here

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