Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I came across a great series of shots by my favorite fashion blogger The Sartorialist; that he did for the December issue of GQ of Luca Rubinacci. I live for details and this is all about the details. The reality is I wouldn’t have put this together for a client nor myself. However, I really really respect and love him doing it for himself. The colors, patterns, accessories, fabrics, and fit are all on point and worthy of multiple shots. I live for this.

Please click on each photo to enlarge and truly enjoy each and every detail this ensemble has to offer.

~we're the warriors they write epics about~

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Dimendaruff said...

nice blog! i have 2 add it 2 my list..thanks 4 ur comments on my blog. just wanted 2 let u know that i did a new blog that somewhat answered the question that u asked me.