Monday, February 11, 2008


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but now that the craziness that was the 2008/2009 Fall/Winter New York Fashion week is over I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming. I would blog about the shows, but there isn’t much to say about them other than they might not see me next season – steadily losing interest in the hype. Think I’ll just stay at home from now on and wait for my look books to be delivered. The parties on the other hand were some of the greatest EVER! Might write about that in the near future.

I was going so hard for the past two weeks that I think the lord just had to shut me down for a day and remind me I’m not as indestructible as I believe myself to be when on top of those tables dancing and screaming at the top of my lungs. I woke up on Friday with a pain in the back of my throat that was so bad that I honestly thought I had tonsillitis and needed to go to the emergency room. Having doctors around comes in handy – some scripts – some vitamins- some Theraflu – some other undisclosed things and by the next morning I was right. Then my dumb ass decides I need to make up for the Friday I missed and now my black ass is sick again. Don’t really care because hearing Prince Paul DJing my home girl Jamila’s B Day makes all things right with the world, including some sniffles and a sore throat.

So last night I decided after I had a 5 hr brunch with my friends (Yes. I said 5 hrs!) that I would be staying in for the night and resting my throat and after watching the Wire - I change the channel to the 50th annual Grammy awards - right as Kanye West begun his performances. Below are both his “Hey mama” performance that put a lump in my throat and the “Stronger” performance, with Daft Punk making their first American TV appearance, that got me off my ass to dance with him as he brought the house down. I respect Kanye West’s dedication to the extravagance of fame and showmanship.

~going big cuss I never stay home~



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