Thursday, February 21, 2008


It's funny that I just wrote a post about friends sending me clips to rile me up then I get an e-mail from my friend Reggie entitled "Check this brother out...Barack Supporter? Do we know why we support who we support?". I had a really busy day and didn't get to it until today about 23hrs later and God did it make my night. I don't want to give too much info about what it is, but to all those that say this generation is uninformed, tuned out, and indifferent - press play.

Derrick Ashong explains a bit about his background and his emotional reasons for supporting Barack Obama.

Thanx for this Reggie.

Here's an interesting sidenote - while doing some research on who Derrick was I came across this article in the Economist that used Derricks YouTube clip as an opening point to a very interesting article about the independent party (My party!).

"ONE of the most interesting political videos on YouTube features a young Obama supporter, Derrick Ashong. A camera-wielding interviewer collars Mr Ashong in the street and starts to pepper him with questions. The interviewer assumes that his victim's casual appearance—he is wearing a baseball hat, a shell necklace and is chewing gum—betokens an equally casual approach to politics. “Do you have any specifics?” he demands aggressively. “What are their policies?” Mr Ashong delivers a series of carefully argued replies that could form the basis of an editorial in a serious newspaper. The interviewer is increasingly abashed. But, having delivered his defence of Barack Obama, Mr Ashong concludes the interview by saying “I'm independent. I'm not a Democrat. I might vote for McCain.”" Continue reading here

Source: Think On These Things

~going to read a book~

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mboogie said...

LOVED THIS! I think there is a way in which the media has distorted the perception of young AND blacks...that they do not care and are completely disengaged with politics and are not knowledgeable.

It was nice to see Derrick serve it to the reporter :)