Tuesday, October 23, 2007

REPOST: You know what, Hip Hop needs a PR person

Some of you may have read my post a few days ago entitled “Machine Guns And Stupid Choices” about my desire to have Jay Smooth be our own “go to” pundit in situations requiring a uniformed defense to all public matters related to Hip Hop. Someone to “Stay on message”, conveying the concerns and perspectiveof the culture while at the same time destroying all those who attempt to mislead and bring down Hip Hop with propaganda campaigns the likes unseen since… Ok, who am I kidding the propaganda campaigns of the Bush administration and Fox News on any day. No point going back to Hitler, even he’s like “Damn, the republicans sure know how to push that rhetoric”.

So I came across a post today from The Humanity Critics Blog for Vibe.com entitled “You know what, Hip Hop needs a PR person” which delves even deeper into our need for our own pundits to raise our flag and go to war on our behalf in an intellectual and steadfast manner, undeterred by the elementary debate club tactics of Fox, Bush, O’Reilly, Oprah, and all the rest that bully anyone who dares speak out on behalf of the culture. Check out the post below.


~we’re the warriors they write epics about~


DJ M.O.S. said...

Unbelievable. Have you seen that documentary outfoxed?

I AM GVG said...

I saw the trailor for it and some of the media coverage, but never got a chance to watch it. Adding it to my queue as we speak. Good looking.