Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I was so excited about TV this evening; I turned my computer on to find that a strangely humorous (At times) little person posted a link to watch the season 2 premiere of the Boondocks online (Watch here). Which for anyone who’s ever watched the show knew that it was one of the biggest disappointments in recent satirical history. I didn’t laugh once, not even one of those cover my mouth and look around to see if anyone saw me guilty “I can’t believe they said that” laughs. McGruder; as my mother always told me “If you didn’t want to do it right, you shouldn’t have done it at all. Now go clean your room!” Then I watched "THE HIP HOP HONORS" – Hip Hop Honors my ass.

A few questions:

How does Missy Elliot get honored when she just came out? Isn’t this show supposed to represent the artist of the past that created the art that influenced today? Doesn’t Missy have a single out now?

Why didn’t Aaron Hall come out to slap T Pain and Ne-Yo for messing up his songs?

How you going to honor New Jack Swing and not do a tribute to Bobby “Crack head’s prerogative” Brown?

What the Hell do Doug E. Fresh, Kool Moe Dee, and Michael Jackson have to do with New Jack Swing?

Am I buggin or didn’t Black Street come out years after New Jack Swing?

Did Teddy Riley catch something?

Why does LL Cool J still dress like my Godson when he’s older than me???

When did Gucci start making cowboy hats and leather track suits? Let me find out Dapper Dan is making a come back.

Nick Cannon wasn’t horrible.

I did like the Whodini Tribute and performance. I miss the days of real stage performers.

How the hell you going to wear red for a Snoop Dogg tribute then scream out “Two Loked out Gs”?

Now it must be said, in all honesty, the only reason I cancelled my plans for the evening was for one thing and one thing only – A.TRIBE.CALLED.QUEST. So all that other stuff was fluff on my way to the main show. Just wish the fluff was better, almost gave up and turned off my TV. Then it finally happened - The Tribe tribute with Pharrell (Backpack in tow) Lupe (Just lost almost all the respect I had for this idiot, if you want read about why here) and the biggest and best surprise – BUSTA BUST RIPPING IT DOWN FOR THE SCENERIO!!! Tribe was still Tribe even with Phife in a sickened state from Kidney problems, you have all our prayers. They did a short set and made you really want to get out of your seat like I did and take it to that feeling the first time you heard "Award tour" or any other of their seminal works. It was all worth it to see one of my all time favorite Hip Hop groups and the influence for any artist that I give any attention to today with any common sense (pun intended).

I like em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian
My name is Phife Dawg from the Zulu nation
Told you in the jam that we can get down
Now let’s knock the boots like the group H-Town
You got BBD all on your bedroom wall
But I’m above the rim and this is how I ball
A pretty little somethin on the New York streets
This is how I represent over this here beat

Talkin bout you...



~missing the time I lost~


Anonymous said...

Good looking out on the Boondocks link....I forgot all about the premiere.
-J. Grae

Anonymous said...

Man, I couldn't have said it better. I'm still in tears, and feel as though the one saving grace for my television set (Boondocks), is forever gone.

How bad was the animation? Don't hold back man, how bad was it?

The characters are just too hard and mean now. They don't have any characteristics from the script anymore, and I felt like I did watching Jordan play after coming out of retirement that last time, and how I felt listening to that Blue something song JayZ has out now, and that same feeling watching Michael Jackson dance at guest appearances on award shows.

I'm a sad, sad individual right now.

Bitchez Dooright

Joyal said...

T Pain sans synthesizer...how dare they???

DJ M.O.S. said...

Lupe Fiasco's fuck up wasn't that bad, his comments though were disrespectful. I love to hate on Nick Cannon, but he did his thing. Hip Hop Honors gets worse every year, once again it's about the ratings rather than the history, Snoop gets a pass, Missy...fuck outta here. Not before Gangstarr, EPMD, De La Soul, Brand Nubian, Heavy D., I can go on for days. I still haven't seen the entire show, I went to sleep...

DJ M.O.S. said...

just watched the new jack swing tribute, ne-yo was pretty good, they should've had Chris Brown instead of T-Pain, and did Kool Mo Dee gain weight for the heavy d performance...?

I AM GVG said...

MOS, you and I are about to fight. Now your ass knows how Aaron used to tear down the stage, Ne-Yo didn’t have the voice or stage presence to represent that mans swagger. Not sure if Chris Brown could pull it off either, but he would have still been better than both Ne-Yo and F’ing T-Pain.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree enough about the Missy thing. why? I mean why? I watched all those kids in the audience and not a whole lot of them knew any of the Whodini shit. I had that album on constant replay as a kid (IN COLORADO FOR THAT) there is no excuse for not knowing them. Where is the award for Gangstarr or Brand Nubian (OMG Brand Nubian) But I watched for Tribe Called Quest just like you I still get star struck when I see any of them. I hate Busta though, hate him. No respect for anyone and needs a seirous stint somewhere to realize his fuck-ups. Ok. Hope all is well.


I AM GVG said...

Noelle, I appreciated what you had to say about the post. Didn't realize you were into Hip Hop like that. The whole thing irritated me on so many levels. a few of my friends who were at the taping were telling me about how the audiences was mostly white hipster kids who had no idea who were these people and why they'd even been honored. You are about the fourth person to mention Gangstarr and Brand Nubian being snubbed for Missy. Think we might have to start a petition.

Anonymous said...

I watched and you could see all of the hipster kids who really had no idea whatsoever. When they were honoring Snoop, I was so happy that he talked about DOC but yet noone had a clue. If you listen to DOC today its still relevant and that man has a story to tell. I listened to him in Colorado as well. I would watch the local pbs station every weekend and they had videos and then of course Yo MTV Raps filled my world with everything I should be listening to. I would run out and buy the tapes asap and watch Beat Street religiously. I knew I had to get to NYC for this I had to be a part of it. When I got here it was on the way out, like getting to a party when everyone is getting ready to leave. I caught the last of the good times. Now these kids are left buying someone else's records but damn did they miss amazing music and they still are. I'm gonna go re-buy DOC right now cause I'm fiendin.