Monday, October 1, 2007


Its 1:34am on Monday morning. As you know if you read this blog with any regularity, every Sunday for as long as this blog has been up I’ve done an Audio Foreplay and yesterday was the first Sunday without one (except for that one drunken Saturday I believed was a Sunday and I posted it a day early, but that doesn’t count). I just couldn’t find the song that described the moment nor did I really care to try. I had a lot swooshing around in my head this weekend and working through those things was of a bit more importance. I am a thinker. You’d think that was a good thing. It’s not. I’m an over thinker. Once something is in my head it takes a lot to get it out. I analyze. Reanalyze. Then do it all over again 1000x more. I seem to be doing a lot of typing as of late and not much writing, more to come on that and the difference between the two very soon. Stay tuned I might need your help with that one.

Bet you thought I was going to give you a bit of insight to all those things that was swooshing around in my head. NOT! Sorry, just not in a place to share. When I’m in analyze mode. It’s all about me and what I’m thinking. I’ll hopefully work through it all soon and get back to the business of writing (Hopefully).

I did however just come across/find/consciously search out (Whichever) someone online that I haven’t seen or spoken to in truly forever. That did put a smile on my face. Looking forward to seeing Chrisette Michelle perform live on Tuesday, heard so many great things about her live show and I know some good music could do my body good right about now. Did I mention it’s also an all night open bar? LOL. Oh yea, we’re walking out of there HAPPY!


P.S. The votes have been tallied and we need some new music from D’Angelo and Maxwell out yesterday. If we hear either of them say they’re in the studio working on that new album one more time instead of giving us a cemented release date we starting something. Don’t let the incense burning and Jill Scott playing in the background fool you, we will whip some neo soul ass up out this motha!!!

~we’re the warriors they write epics about~

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