Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This weekend while at an always good for a great house party I was outside of talking to friends and somehow, "She's got to have it" came up which then got me to thinking about the "A.S.S" survey I had reposted here last year and all the reactions that it brought about. Seeing as it's on my mind and I didn't write anything else, I’ve decided to repost it. Enjoy.

"I just came across a survey that Spike Lee had supposedly given to several women in order to help formulate the character that later became Nola Darling in “SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT” from Che Grand. I read through the survey and got very curious about what the answers to these questions would be 21 years after the original release of the film and the survey that created such a controversial character at the time. This is where you my loyal, beautiful, intelligent, open minded female readers and friends come in (Yes, I'm greasing you up, but I mean ever word), I would like you, if comfortable, to take the survey and if not comfortable having me know the answers came from you, you can post them as an anonymous commenter on my blog." Continue reading here

NOTE: The last time I posted this blog it lead to some controversy and not everyone was happy with my post (to say the least). If this offends you, I apologize in advance.

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