Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Someone asked me today what my thoughts were of last nights primary presumptive victory after I asked him and another friend to stop a heated conversation/arguement concerning the magnitude or lack thereof of last nights primary victory by Barack Obama for the Presidential nomination. Below is my response.

"I’m the biggest cynic any of you will EVER meet. I'm still kind of pissy that they keep referreing to Obama as a “Black man” like we still live by the one drop rule (I made a conscious decision earlier this year to keep those thoughts to myself from then on for a bunch of reason I will not discuss now) . However, I have to admit it wasn’t until this morning that it really hit me what I had witnessed and through all my cynicism it touched me and I’m am proud of this moment. I acknowlegde the road ahead while enjoying the patch of glorious grass under my feet and clear sky above my head right now. I take the moment as it is and enjoy it, and then live each moment that follows as they come. Today is ours and we should enjoy it as such. It’s a step in a direction we did not grow up believing existed."

Great qoute from PostBourgie

“every cynic was once a wounded optimist who still secretly longs that he/she will be proven wrong.”

Only November will tell how I’ll see the cup from now on.

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