Sunday, March 9, 2008


Let’s all show some respect for the greatest show (2nd for me) of all time and stand with a united front. If you like, I’d love it if you changed your default photo to the one I created (shown above) on MySpace/FaceBook and send The Wire off, as it deserved. Show our mourning while thanking David Simon and each and EVERY member of that cast for every moment of the past five seasons. Wear your band publicly with pride and your head held high - show the world you appreciate what intelligent, well-written TV had to offer. DOWN WITH THE REST!

As you can all tell from the photo I am not a graphic designer, but I think it does the job.

~in need of another hit~


Anonymous said...

I have to say,
I couldn't get into the first season because I thought it was just another "topical" boys in the ghetto show that just focused on the streets....................But One weekend I decided to watch the entire first season "on demand" and I have been hooked ever since. The writing is just brilliant because it goes beneath the surface and deals with all aspects of the drug war. I love how each season the writers focused on each facet of the problem. This show is very intense because it forces us to attempt to understand the whole problem. How the school system has failed the youth, how the budgets have failed the school, how politics play into it all, and how the parents have failed the next generation. I will never ever condone violence and drugs, and I think anyone with a brain and heart should know the difference between right and wrong and not use the above issues as an excuse for destructive behavior. I also don't have much sympathy for drug dealers and murderers.......but there are those few who have actually tried to make a difference, and because of the lack of support and proper education, they have not found light at the end of the tunnel: hence, ending up on the streets......How do we save those who really want a better life legitimately when they have to worry about taking care of a drug addicted mom, or when they are part of a school system that has given up years ago. How do we tell a sixteen year old, to finish school and in a few years "if" they work hard enough, they can start making a descent living, when they need to provide for their siblings now.

------You should have a discussion session, I bet people will have a lot to say on this...

Leah said...

did i tell you i proposed an undergraduate writing seminar on the wire? yup... and it's getting hella love from academia... it's crazy, i love it.

i'm really hoping that the entire wire crew gets some kind of award recognition this year... i can't understand why/how this show hasn't been recognized...

and i'm sad it's gone... :( i'm going to go out and buy the entire collection on dvd... classic :)


ps - anon... i discovered the wire via on demand too :) my boyfriend put me on a few years ago... i didn't even have hbo but once i watched the first season, i went out and ordered an hbo cable package... lol