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Below is a recent blog post from Dominga Martin editor of Crème magazine for The Honey Magazine website. Check it out.

Hi Friends, check out our editor's new blog on HONEY MAGAZINE! Here's an excerpt, inspired by a critic who just couldn't accept the fact that the Great Debaters is based on a true story and that the images of African Americans in this film were positive...PLEASE FORWARD and see this film!


"I’m a member of a film critics circle for women and recently, one member of the group wrote a review for a HUGELY popular movie site that sent the group in an empowering frenzy! She started off the review with the following quote:

“Noble, brilliant suit-wearing Negros fight for equality in racist Texas circa 1935. All the white people are toothless, evil pig farmers. Denzel insults his white audience with caricatures.”

She then went on to say “I wasn’t going to review “The Great Debaters” knowing full well the ugly emails I would get if I don’t like a movie made by or about black people, I’m a racist…(blah, blah, blah)…here’s her DISCLAIMER, which follwed the foot in her mouth:"

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Haven't put my full thoughts on this one out just as yet, still waiting on some more info. Below is what I had posted so far.

"OK! OK! OK! <~~ That was me taking a breath before I went off. I really really REALLY want to go off on this "Critic". However, I don't want to speak on just excerpts, it doesn't make for the most informed of rebuttals and seeing as things can be misconstrued out of context. I don't really see the possibility of that here, but I’ll give her "know more about African culture from first-hand, feet on the ground experience then all of my black neighbors and friends put together" ass the benefit of the doubt. Please if you could e-mail me the full review and I would if possible like to know where it was originally published. That for me would be another very curious point.

As they say opinions are like assholes because every ones got one. I hope this foolishness of a reviews doesn’t stop anyone from going to see what I know will be one of this year’s best movies. We ask for our positive stories to be told on film and television and when they are we need to support them so more can be produced. The numbers are what translate in Hollywood, let’s give this one numbers to break the records."


The Great Debaters comes to a theater near you Christmas day 2007




I just read the original review in it's entirety and this is what i had to say to the reviewer.

"When I was first forwarded excerpts of your review, I refused to fully respond before reading the review in its entirety and gave you the benefit of the doubt in hopes that your statements were taken out of context. I didn’t want to take you to task for what seemed like some of the most idiotic, ignorant, ill-informed statements made in a review concerning a historical adaptation in the past 10 years. So I patiently waited for my e-mail box to be filled with a link to the full review. After taking the time to read your “critiques”, I’ve realized the person who sent me the excerpts was actually a friend who was trying their best to protect you from the world knowing how much of an idiot you were.

As I said in my original comment to the person whom sent me the excerpts, opinions are like asshole because everyone has one and I hope this reviewer’s "know more about African culture from first-hand, feet on the ground experience then all of my black neighbors and friends put together" ass doesn’t deter anyone with any sense of AMERICAN HISTORY from seeing a true story that has taken way too long to be brought to light. I read the original article that inspired this film in the American Legacy magazine and it did a great job of translating the story to film in my humble NYU Film school graduate opinion. As for your assertion that someone who was a poetic wordsmith, instrumental in bringing fare working conditions for his fellow men and women through unionizing, in-turn couldn’t possibly have the time to mold the minds of the young men and women of Wiley College as their professor and debate coach which then lead to them beating what by most to this day is thought to be the brightest minds in our country, you my dear are a lost cause and there is no need for anyone to try and bring you to the light.

P.S. and I hope with all my heart that your ass is black when you start this review out using the word Negros."


Make sure to check out the comment left by Blank Frank in her comment section. He makes a very great point.

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